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 What is Your Dream?  

Dreams are the essence of life - not as it is, but what it can be.  Your dreams for your life must be yours.  The only person who needs to be passionate about your dream is you.  Our dreams and goals are the outward manifestations of the passion we feel inside.

Believe in Your Dreams - Dreams do Come True

Determination         Responsible
Manage your choices

The Five Essential
Elements of Wellbeing
by Gallup

Career Wellbeing is the most essential of the five elements.  People with high Career Wellbeing are more than twice as likely to be thriving in their lives overall.

    What is a Career Coach and What are the Benefits?

1.  A Career Coach will help you set personal and professional goals. 

2.  A Career Coach will challenge you to find out what winning in life means to you.

3.  A Career Coach will help you focus better in order to quickly produce results.

4.  A Career Coach will provide the tools, support and structure to accomplish more.

5.  A Career Coach will help you improve your learning and performance.

6.  A Career Coach will help you strengthen your skills and your quality of life.
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"Only when you operate from a combination of your strengths and self-  knowledge can you achieve true - and lasting - excellence"           
    Peter Drucker, Harvard Business Review Article - Managing Oneself

           Follow the Six Steps below to achieve true excellence!

           In a Nutshell:
  The Secret to Happiness and Success is to discover your
                                       strengths, then find a career that uses your strengths.
             Print this
worksheet and complete it after each step.




                                            Six Steps to Career Planning

1.  Dreams and Goals - researchers have found that the only difference between top performers and the rest is that the top performers not only have goals but they write down their goals.  Click here for steps to setting goals.
Our Dreams Give Us Wings - Our Wings Allow Us to Soar to New Heights!

2.  Values - values represent what is most important to us in life, they signify those things you must have in your life to be at your best...learn to make your choices according to your values.

3.  Personality -  your personality is what makes you special and sets you apart from everyone else, embrace it and exemplify itBe yourself  - you are unique, why would you want to be like everyone else?  You will be your best by being you!

4.  Strengths - discover your strengths and keep building on them, people who use their Strengths in their careers are more successful.  StrengthsFinder offers a test that will not only identify your strengths but will also explain how you can use your strengths to find a career that you will be good at and you will enjoy.

5.  Learning Styles - each person sees the world differently...the way it makes the most sense to them, are you visual, auditory or kinesthetic?  It is important to understand how you learn so you can adapt your learning situations to that style.  Click here for a questionnaire to discover your style. Click here for more information on Learning Styles.  Click here for information about The Irlen Method (helps with reading and learning problems).  Khan Academy  provides excellent FREE online tutorial videos.  Watch, practice and learn almost anything for FREE.

6.  Career Guide Oklahoma Career Guide is an online education and career planning system that gives you the tools you need to build a foundation for lifelong career success.  You will learn what your interests, skills and work values are and how to apply them to a career plan for your future.  This website also helps you with real-world skills such as how to write resumes and cover letters, how to research employers, and how to prepare for job interviews.  You can even create an electronic profile that you may choose to share online with prospective colleges or employers.

One client's comment after working through these six steps:  "Now I get it - you have to first understand yourself in order to find a career that you can enjoy and also be good at." 

This is so true!  To quote George Bernard Shaw
Life isn't about finding yourself - Life is about creating yourself."

Bonus Section - FREE Online College Courses
Coursera offers high quality online free college courses from several top Universities.  Udacity offers free IT online college courses.  Khan Academy offers free online tutorial videos.


                                    Career Skills Employers Want

1.  Hard Skills - Applied Mathematics; Reading for Information; Locating Information.
                                  Get your WorkKeys/Career Readiness Certificate from WorkKeys.

2.  Soft Skills These are the Skills You Need to Pay the Bills Learn soft skills from Key Train
Jackie will give you a free code for this training.

Personal Qualities
:  being responsible; possessing self-esteem; being sociable; ability to self-manage; possessing integrity  and honesty; identifying the truth; ability with language.  Character Counts in your life!

Interpersonal Skills:  participates as a member of the team; teaches others; serves client/customers; negotiates; works with cultural diversity; ability with language; exercises leadership. Workplace Skills employers want.

Job Skills:  Discover if you have what employers want by reading How to Get and Keep a Job.

Network to Increase Your Net Worth!  70% of jobs are found by Networking, 30% are found by submitting a resume.

LinkedIn Training:  5 Things Recruiters are looking for on your LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn Job Seeker Webinars - Finding your dream job just got easier.  Learn strategies and best practices. 

Oklahoma Job Match is a revolution in new job matching technology that matches the Right People with the Right Job and it is FREE.

Find Duncan Area Jobs at Jobs Careers Employment sponsored by Duncan Area Economic Development Foundation

Find Employer and Job Seeker Information from the Oklahoma Employment Security Commission,

Build Your Future with O-Net OnLine.   the world of work consists of 16 Career Clusters...a simple quiz  will tell you which cluster is right for you. 

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